LASDI is investing in transformative businesses, driven by innovation and contributing to economic growth

A strategic vital partner in the realm of corporate transformation, LASDI specializes in helping companies which are on the brink of change, offering an integrated suite of services designed to ignite turnarounds and fuel growth. 

With experts’ guidance and investment support, the businesses will be empowered to navigate challenges, unlock new opportunities, and achieve sustainable success in today’s dynamic market landscape

Key Features and Benefits of LASDI investment approach

LASDI's Investment approach offers flexibility in terms of investment strategy, allowing firms to invest in a wide range of industries and sectors and take a long-term view on their investments. This enables to focus on building value in the underlying companies rather than being driven by short-term market fluctuations. Additionally, LASDI's investments offer the potential for high returns, achieved through active management of the companies they invest in and improvements in operational efficiencies.

Expertise in Transformation

Specializing in turning around distressed businesses and fueling growth. With a proven track record, we have the expertise to guide your company through any stage of transformation.

Tailored Strategies

We don't offer one-size-fits-all approaches. The main services are tailored to the client's unique challenges and goals, ensuring a personalized strategy for success.

The Client Centric Approach

We prioritize your success above all else. client focused approach means we actively collaborate with you to achieve tangible, lasting results.

Proven Results

Success stories speak for themselves. We have transformed struggling companies into thriving enterprises, helping them achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

Industry Insights

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve, including manufacturing, tech, logistics, and more. We stay updated on industry trends to provide the most relevant guidance.

Integrated Service Suite

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, from securing investment capital to providing interim leadership. You have a partner for every aspect of your business journey.

Discover why LASDI is the ideal partner for your investment needs and business transformation. Explore vision, mission, our core values and the impact we've made on businesses worldwide

Last Dimensions Investment Co. is a preeminent investment firm, dedicated to investing in transformative businesses that drive economic growth, industrialization and value creation


LASDI's mission is to identify, invest in and unlock the latent potential of unexplored segments that are crucial to driving ambitious economic growth.
LASDI Aims to actively hunt and exploit these opportunities by deploying our expertise, resources, and strategic partnerships. Through LASDI's engagement, it’ll strive to foster innovation, create sustainable industrial ecosystems, and deliver superior returns on investments, while contributing to the broader economic development and societal progress.



We embrace to lead by example, setting high standards and inspiring others to follow.


We take our responsibilities seriously, pay attention to detail, and consistently put in the necessary time and effort to achieve success.


We uphold the highest ethical believes, maintaining honesty and transparency in all actions.


We support businesses, individuals, and organizations in being able to pivot and adapt quickly to thrive in dynamic environments

Strategic Approach

We develop and execute clear, forward-looking strategies to identify and capitalize on valuable investment opportunities.

Meet The Team

Khalid Al-Ghamdi

Co-Founder & CEO

CoFounder of many Industrial & IT CO's

Investor's representative in many Organizations

Managed many Local & Int.Co's

Saud A.Alraouji


Over 20 years of experience in Pharma & herbal veterinary, Medical devices and industry regulation

Worked in MOH, SFDA & global corporate pharma Mfg

Certified as tech plant Mgr by SFDA

Member of pharma Mfg industries in SA

Wiem Nouri


More than 15 years in supporting businesses from pre-creation phase up-to the facilitation of access to new markets and capital.

Former Assistant professor of financial analysis, fiscal policy and macroeconomics.

Mohamed Sabri Saabena


Bachelor of Accounting from Karnataka University - India

Served as a financial manager in several companies of different sizes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Served as a consultant in the privatization of Saudi Telecom with Price Waterhouse.

Worked as a legal auditor and consultant in the Osama Tabbara Auditing Office, during which he provided many financial consultations to the private and government sectors.


The Team’s Experience

+25 years of experience in Business

+3 Billion (SAR) total-market-value of Managed Companies

+290 million (SAR) Turnaround Business

+350 entities enriched with our teams’ advisory & consultancy

+20 countries


Dr Ahmed Sahab

An Angel Investor and Businessman Fund & accelerate, MENA startups and connect them to the world Co-Founder & chairman of: A venture builder organization "StartupGatex" Local & Intl. companies

Eng Othman Al-Ghamdi

Co-Founder of Local & Intl. companies in: Industrial, Real state & Tourism sectors Member in many committees in the Federation of Saudi Chambers, including: Vice Chairman of the National Committee for Contractors in the Federation of Saudi Chambers The Contractors Committee in the Eastern Chamber of Commerce Executive of the Saudi German Business Council

Dr Mesfer Al-Malki

Founder & chairman of: Local & Intl. manufacturing companies Logistic Co Trading & Construction Co Member of many steering & advisory committees

Mohamed Almaglouth

CEO of many financial and technology companies

Mushary Alafaliq

Founder & CEO at AFAQ Media & PR agency Corporate communication advisor Member of CIPR, IPRA, IPRA-GCC, and CIM Evaluated the multiplatform communication strategies for BBC and Saudi Co's.

Dr Mohammed Ali Marie

Founder & CEO of AL-Farabi Medical Labs Professor of. Microbiology at King Saud University Member of American society for microbiology. .Classified Consultant of Medical Microbiology

Success Stories


This project was turnaround in just 6-8 months. 

The Turnaround was done with less than 15%  of the allocated budget 

A Profitability of SAR +20 million

The company ranked #1st among all corporate’s affiliations in terms of profitability %.

Microbiologic Mfg

Turnaround the company FROM bankruptcy TO profitability.

Boost the revenue 5-times of accumulated revenue throughout its journey.

Penetrated new markets for export such as Oman, Iraq, Tanzania, Bahrain.

Signed EOI for a scaleup project with MIM est cap. 80-120 Mn SAR


Established a local company for manufacturing PC, PMMA sheets

 Made local & International strategic deals with major stakeholders such as: NUSANED (SABIC), BG Plast (Italy), OMIPA (Italy)

 Enhanced cashflow plan with +60% efficiency

Made offtake-deals for 3 years 

Working With The Best

LASDI's Partners