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Your strategic vital partner in the realm of corporate transformation

Last Dimensions Investment Co

A strategic vital partner in the realm of corporate transformation.
Greatly specialized in supporting companies on the brink of change, offering an integrated suite of services designed to fuel growth and ignite turnarounds. 
With LASDI's experts’ guidance and investment support, the businesses will be empowered to navigate challenges, unlock new opportunities, and achieve sustainable success in today's dynamic market landscape.

+3 Billion (SAR)

total-market-value of Managed Companies

+290 Million (SAR)

Turnaround Business

+25 Years

Of Business experience

+350 Entities

enriched with our advisory & consultancy


As a preeminent private equity firm, LASDI offers an integrated range of services designed to address a wide range of opportunities and challenges

Secure Investment

Secure the optimum funding resources to serve the opportunities and ensure a win-win approach to all stakeholders with professional leadership and management​.

Business Turnaround

Adopt then adapt a logical and systematic process to boost the business profitability and kick-start its return to success including financial, marketing, and operational actions.

CEO As A Service

Overseeing the company’s approach and outcomes with CEO authority. Mentoring a nominated candidate as a future CEO to be handed-over R&R later.

Advisory & Consultancy

Professional experts provide strategic advice, guidance tools and techniques for Business development, Strategic alliances, Strategic Agreements, Negotiation & Sales, Dealing with investors and funding firms

Business Matching

Getting potential integrative entities to combine their outcomes towards coming up with cohesive and integrated deliverables.

Leadership development

A process involving everyone within an organisation. It is fundamentally concerned with the development of collective organisational capacity for roles and situations beyond their current state.

Expertise in Transformation

Specializing in turning around distressed businesses and fueling growth.
With a proven track record, LASDI's team has the expertise to guide your company through any stage of transformation.

Tailored Strategies

LASDI doesn't offer one-size-fits-all approaches. Services are tailored to the client's unique challenges and goals, ensuring a personalized strategy for success.

Client Centric Approach

LASDI prioritize your success above all else. Client focused approach means, LASDI's team actively collaborate with you to achieve tangible, lasting results.

Proven Results

Success stories speak for themselves. LASDI's team has transformed struggling companies into thriving enterprises, helping them achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

Industry Insights

LASDI's team possesses in-depth knowledge of the industries served, including manufacturing, tech, logistics, and more.
LASDI's team stays updated on industry trends to provide the most relevant guidance.

Integrated Service Suite

Offering an integrated suite of services, from securing investment capital to providing interim leadership. You have a partner for every aspect of your business journey.

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Success Stories


Turnaround the company from bankruptcy to profitability.

Boost revenue with around 5-times of accumulated revenue throughout its journey.

Penetrated new export markets such as Oman, Iraq, Tanzania, Bahrain.

Signed EOI for a scaleup project with MIM. Est.Cap of 80-120 Mn.


This project was turnaround in just 6-8 months.

The Turnaround was done with less than 15% of the allocated budget

A Profitability of SAR +20 million

The company ranked #1st among all corporate’s affiliations in terms of profitability %.


Established a local company for manufacturing: PC, PMMA sheets ...

Made local & International strategic deals with major stakeholders such as, but not limited to: NUSANED (SABIC), BG Plast (Italy), OMIPA (Italy)

Enhanced the cashflow plan with +60% efficiency

Made off-take deals for 3 years

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