LASDI is committed to supporting companies on their journeys towards growth

Secure Investment

Secure the optimum funding resources to serve the opportunities and ensure a win-win approach to all stakeholders with professional leadership and management​.

Leadership development

A process involving everyone within an organisation. It is fundamentally concerned with the development of collective organisational capacity for roles and situations beyond their current state.

Business Turnaround

Adopt then adapt a logical and systematic process to boost the business profitability and kick-start its return to success including financial, marketing, and operational actions.

Advisory & Consultancy

Professional experts provide strategic advice, guidance tools and techniques for Business development, Strategic alliances, Strategic Agreements, Negotiation & Sales, Dealing with investors and funding firms

Business Matching

Getting potential integrative entities to combine their outcomes towards coming up with cohesive and integrated deliverables.

CEO as a service

Overseeing the company’s approach and outcomes with CEO authority Mentoring a nominated candidate as a future CEO to be handed-over R&R later